Friday, July 2nd, 2004
Welcome to Concho Preschool


Concho preschool is dedicated to providing an environment rich in learning opportunities to promote growth across all developmental domains.

What does that mean?  We provide a balance of teacher directed and child initiated activities during the preschool class.  Teacher directed activities include circle time, art activities and small group  cognitive and language games. Because we enroll children with speech and language needs, an emphasis on listening skills is embedded in all teacher directed activities. Child initiated activities are encouraged during "choice time" where children decide which centers (art, blocks and cars, puzzles or playhouse) they wish to attend.  Each week, children are given opportunities to interact with educational computer games. Throughout the preschool day, children have opportunities to develop in the following domains: language, fine motor, gross motor, adaptive, cognitive and social.


Our preschool is open to three and four year old children identified as having special needs, as well as to typically developing children.  Children with special needs are enrolled after all appropriate evaluations and placement decisions have been completed. Concho School has a contract with D.E.S to provide preschool services to qualifying families. Preschoolers may be enrolled for a tuition fee of $15 per week.  School is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 12:00 to 2:45.

Our teacher is Miss Janet (Janet Kothrade).  She has been teaching preschool children with special needs for over twenty years. This year she is also teaching school aged special education students in the morning.  If you have any questions about Concho Preschool, please see her.

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