Friday, July 2nd, 2004

Adult Computer Class

Word Processing Basics
*Creating a text object with graphics
*Working with text
*Working with graphics
*Creating Bulletins

Operating Systems Internet
*Internet Basics
1 Attachments
2 Preferences
3 Folders

1. Understanding Windows
The basics of a computer. How to start and shut it down correctly. How to use the mouse and keyboard. Understanding and navigating Windows (or Mac OS). Learn  how to "drag and drop" and "cut and paste". How to open multiple windows and switch between them.

2. Understanding a Word Processor and a Spreadsheet.
How to start and exit the word processor. How to enter text and place it on the page. How to format the page. Designing a basic spreadsheet. Adding and organizing your information and how to print it. Designing a basic spreadsheet. Adding and organizing your information, how to print it. How to save and retrieve your work.

3. Learning how to backup your work
How to prepare a floppy disk. How to save and retrieve information from a floppy disk. How to use Window's backup program to save and restore your information. learn about different backup devices such as a "Zip" or "Jaz" drive. Learn about tape drives and using them for backing up.

4. Creating a safe environment for your computer
Avoiding electrical dangers. Learn about using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and automatic shutdown software.

5. Learning about different hardware and software
Learn about scanners and digital cameras. Learn how your computer works. Discover different types of software such as anti-virus or firewall programs.

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