Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
Welcome to
Mr. McConville's
Kindergarten Class


This year the Kindergarten class has 15 students.                

   For spring fair the kindergarten made several art projects, Rainy Day Ducks, Wind socks, Tissue Paper Flowers, and sunflowers.  

The Kindergarten class is now learning graphing, patterning, measuring, and number work.
   They have also working completing our Math, Reading, and Writing standards. Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth graders come in and help with their writing. We also enjoy weekly reading tutoring with the Third Grade.

  They read every week with the Third Grade class. Then when the weather is nice they go outside for reading groups.

   The whole Kindergarten class all knows their letters and sounds.        
Most of the boys in the class are learning how to play Basketball and kickball. They will probably be the next stars when they get older.

In science the students learned to make and enjoy our own silly putty.


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