Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
Welcome to
Early Primary with Miss Nicci!


The children hear a story about a monster who came to school, and then help me make some rules in case one comes to our room.  Please take some time to go over them with your child. Thanks!
-Take care of the classroom.
-Be a good listener.
-Be kind to each other.
-Listen to your heart.


I will need your help in ensuring that your child gets home safely after school.  You can help by writing me a note if there is a change in your child's normal manner of getting home.  If your child is to get on a different bus, I need a note from you.  Also, if your child is not to ride the bus on any day, I need a note from you.  This may seem over cautious, however, I have had situations arise that were not anticipated, and could have been avoided by my knowing the situation.  We need to make an effort to see that your child gets to where he or she is supposed to be safely, with a minimum of anxiety for the child.  I appreciate your help with this.


From time to time I will send home fliers for parents who wish to order books for their children.  If you choose to participate, I can accept cash or a check made out to Troll Book Club.  ( I earn points for these orders, and use them to get free books for the room.)


On most Wednesdays your child will have a simple homework assignment, which is due on the next day back in school.  Each time the children return their homework, they get a sticker on their charts.  Then they visit the Homework Box every time they get five stickers.

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