Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

Welcome to Mr. Detweiler's 4th grade class!

Welcome to the 2003-2004 school year.  I look forward to a productive year of growth and learning.  In order to facilitate a quality educational experience in 4th grade the following procedures will be adhered to:

Classroom rules

1. Show responsibility in behavior and in completing assignments.
2.  Leave food and gum at home.
3.  Follow instructions.

Consequences for failure to follow rules

1. First offense - Warning, name on board
2. Second offense - Loss of recess, note in agenda book
3. Third offense - Discipline point
4. Repeated offenses - One day detention, 2 or more points

Rewards for following rules

1. Participation in classroom parties
2. Participation in classroom game or free time
3. Participation in school activities(assemblies, field trips, sporting events, etc.

Homework policy

1. Students who turn assignments in on time which demonstrate an honest effort will receive one point credit. Students who have been absent will have an equivalent number of days missed to make up work with no grade penalty.
2. Students who complete assignments on time but have not given their best effort will receive .5 of a point credit.
3. Students without completed work on the due date will have one day to turn assignments in late for half credit. Students failing to turn in work in the alloted time will receive a grade of zero.
4. Agenda books will be stamped so students and parents are aware of missing work. It is the responsibility of the students to take agendas home for parent initials.

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