Tuesday, June 8th, 2004


Welcome to 5th Grade/Mrs. Devlin


Welcome to 5th grade!   Mrs. Devlin is the 5th grade teacher. Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, P.E., Library, & Computer are the subjects studied in 5th grade.
The 5th grade class participates in the Hands Across the Border Program. The 5th grade students go to the Mexican town, Pueblo de los Alamos, as part of a student exchange program. Later, the students from Mexico come to Concho for a week to stay in their amigo's home.


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Mrs. Devlin's 5th grade classroom.  I am very excited about being a part of your child's education.  My intention is to fill the school year with challenging learning experiences, and my goal is to provide a positive, safe, and constructive learning environment.  I encourage you to stop by and ask any questions or express any concerns you may have.  Working together as a team and communicating throughout the year will ensure success for your child.
I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and building a positive and effective learning environment in the classroom.  Please do not hesitate to call about any concerns.  Our phone number is (928) 337-4665.

Mrs. Linda Devlin


Dear Students,

Welcome to 5th grade.  I am really looking forward to working with you in OUR class.  We have many great things to accomplish this year.  As your teacher, I will give you 100% every day.  I will treat everyone fairly and equally.  I will also provide any help you desire to ensure your success in OUR classroom.  You can also expect challenging assignments and homework at least four days a week.
As a student, I will expect you to give 100% every day.  You will need to work well with others, participate in class, complete homework assignments, and always listen attentively.  I expect everyone in OUR class to take responsibility for not only themselves, but for OUR class.  Working together as a team, we will have a GREAT year!

Mrs. Devlin


Each student is expected to participate in class activities and discussions.  They will not be allowed to interfere with the learning of other students.  Following directions, listening, and quality work on each assignment is required each and every day.

Expectations/ Agreements:
    o  Mutual Respect
    o  Attentive Listening
    o  Appreciation
Results for Positive Choices:
    o  Verbal Praise
    o  Token Economy
    o  Phone call or Message

Results for Negative Choices:
    o  Verbal warning
    o  Individual seating
    o  Loss of break
    o  Loss of recess
    o  Phone call or note
    o  Parent/Teacher conf.


O  Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday.   Usually, no homework is assigned over the weekend.  Students are encouraged to use this time for working on book reports or special projects.
o  Each student is responsible for writing their homework assignments in the planners that the school provides for them.
o  Students having difficulty with homework will be encouraged to take advantage of the study hall thats offerred on Mon., Tues., and Wed. after school.
o  Twenty minutes of reading per night is required.  Students are responsible for reading at least 200 pages of outside textbook reading and completing book reports each month.

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